Pamela Fila was born on the Upper East Side of Manhattan where she attended The Professional Children's School. She studied at The Stella Adler School of Acting and The Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute. Pamela entered into The American Academy of Dramatic Arts and upon graduation she continued her training through master classes with Alec Baldwin and Michael Disher. She has since engaged in continuous study with Actors! Where Are You Going? led by John Dapolito. Pamela is fascinated with exploring the values placed by society on the ideas of the solidarity of the self within the context of intimate relationships, humankind at war and rest, in love. She holds numerous stage, film and television credits to her name, including playing the role of Jude in the award-winning short film "Love, Processed."

Pamela Fila seeks to fulfill the needs of characters who fully embody the idea of "free-spiritedness". Characters who are rich with a true zeal for life but also colored with the pain that such overwhelming enthusiasm for experience is known to carry. Often, these characters are engaged with pursuing and attaining the notion of lasting self worth; dependent of another and in need of constant affirmation of self, through an outside source. Individuals who are in need of possessing their own singular object of love, or ever taking on that role themselves. These free-spirited characters careen through life rich with color and experience, yet fraught with the potential peril in constantly striving to be loved by others, well-intentioned in wishing to contribute lastingly to their world.